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Charter expert for passenger and cargo transportation

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PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions GmbH
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51427 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

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Expert for Charter Flights

PAS-Professional Aviation Solutions, that is a team of experienced aircraft charter experts who are always at your side in all matters - 24/7 with a smile. Whether helicopter, private jet, wide-bodied aircraft, cargo or drones, we will find the perfect solution tailored to your requirements.

We believe in the "human factor", because it is the dedicated people who make the decisive difference for a smooth process, even in challenging projects.

  • charter flights
  • passengers & cargo
  • private & commercial jets, helicopters, freighters & drones
  • air evacuations
  • trusted by governmental & international institutions, major corporates and help organizations

Charter Expertise

Our customers' flight projects are unique - and so we provide them with unique charter flight solutions. Everything is tailored to our customers's needs, from dates and times to special destinations, specific aircraft or even the design of the aircraft and the headrest sleeves - if you wish.

Passenger Aircraft

We provide different sized aircraft from small private jets like Cessna 172 to large wide-body planes like A380 or even helicopters.

Cargo Aircraft

We safely transport any goods across the world with cargo airplanes or in combination with passenger aircraft. We can handle any kind of cargo - no matter if it is super-heavy, dangerous or oversized.


We got you covered with many different kinds of helicopters from CARAVAN MI26 to Bell 206 and everything between.


Many projects require more efficient solutions than helicopters. With our unique drone solutions we can fly operations over hours and long distances for inspections, surveys and other use cases.

Incentive Programs

We provide chartered flight solutions to many customers who engage in incentive programs to reward their best employees. Private jets or charterd planes take them to special destinations.


In critical situations such as natural disasters, conflicts or even war zones you need to act fast and determined. With our evacuation experience around the world, we find great solutions for hard times.

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