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Everest Travel GmbH
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It's all about scheduled flights

Everest Travel is an IATA certified agency capable of booking simple to complex scheduled flights. We have served our customers for 30 years and managed to find ideal solutions for non-ideal situations such as crises.

  • Movement & air lifting of passengers for institutions and help organizations on scheduled flights
  • Expertise in group travel
  • Providing flight solutions to remote areas in Africa, Near & Middle East, Asia and Latin America
  • Evacuations and Humanitarian Aid operations
  • Airport Meet & Assist Services

30 years of experience

Everest Travel has been playing a major role in the scheduled flights sector over the past 30 years. It has operated many important projects on behalf of help organizations and governmental institutions.

Schedule Flights

Our IATA licensed agency enjoys a high rate of recognition and is trusted by major airline-alliances and carriers – enabling us to offer scheduled-flights solutions customized in response to a large variety of requirements.


Flights organisation for groups of different sizes is an expertise which we are particularly proud of. Schedule flights, combination of scheduled & charter flights, possible combination with freight for peace keeping forces, aid teams to troubled areas, opera houses, choirs, theater groups and many others.

Challenging Areas

Next to known and less-known destinations worldwide, we also operate flights into and from challenging areas that faced natural disasters, war zones and other places in unrest.

Aid & Evacuations

Flying in medical and other aid-goods to areas plagued by natural catastrophes or hostilities, air, land & see evacuation of individuals, groups and large parties from such areas.

Airport Meet & Assist

Today's travel often involves transiting in major hubs, short connecting times, long security lines, delays and irregularities of different nature. Our airport meet & assist teams will happily assist in making it through challenging hubs.

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